6 Ways to Promote Your Rental Business


Are you looking to promote your equipment rental business? From location to your target audience, how you promote your business can determine its success. In this article, we'll share tips and strategies on how to promote your equipment rental business and achieve success.

Location Matters

Location plays a crucial role in deciding what type of equipment to sell or rent out. Talk to nearby construction companies or contractors to understand their mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) needs. This information can help you understand your local market and provide the right equipment for your customers.

Another good question to ask is if there are any other services you can provide based on your location. For instance, if there are a lot of buildings nearby that utilize a drop-down ceiling, having a confined access system on hand can go a long way in terms of add-on sales. You can also explore if contractors in your area do HVAC, plumbing, or painting work and need to rent a scissor lift.

Know Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is essential to determine the type of equipment you will rent out. Having a good understanding of what type of equipment is in demand for your target audience will help ensure that you have the right equipment your customers are looking for.

Projects with sensitive flooring, for instance, would require a leak detection system for a scissor lift with a hydraulic pump. The Pro Series line from Hy-Brid Lifts includes LeakGuard which contains 110% of hydraulic leaks so hydraulic fluid doesn't come into contact with the floor.

Weight restricted areas like elevators, access flooring, or mass timber buildings require lighter and more agile equipment. The Pro Series or Zero-Turn Series scissor lifts are a perfect fit for this type of application.

Multiple lightweight scissor lifts working.

Have an Active Website

Now that you have an understanding of your target audience and the type of equipment you will be renting out, it's time to build or improve an existing website. Websites are an important part of a rental business that will help customers find you and understand your business.

Consider adding a blog to optimize for SEO (search engine optimization) so that people searching keywords related to your business can find you. It's important to post regularly, however, for some smaller companies it can be hard to do daily or weekly blog content so outsourcing to find marketing firms that can do it for you can always be an option. 

Consider adding an about us section so that people interested in your business can find out more about you and your contact information for lead generation. 

It would be good idea to add what kind of equipment you have available for rent so that your customers know what you have. Try to market your equipment by talking about its unique features and what they can be good for. 

In the age where everything can be done online, it would be a good idea to add an option to digitally rent out equipment from the website. This can help boost revenue as a busy construction company can quickly rent the equipment they need from you. If you don't have an online option, it can cause these companies to rent elsewhere that does have a fully online option.

Utilize Social Media

In addition to a website, another good way to promote your equipment rental business is by using social media. Social media is a powerful tool that allows businesses to communicate with their customers and vice versa. For social media to become a successful strategy your content has to be directed at your target audience. 

What social media platform does your target audience use? We found that Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn work well for us. Instagram and Facebook can be used to reach more end users than other businesses. If your business focuses more on a business-to-business basis LinkedIn is a better way to reach those other businesses like larger construction companies.

To properly reach your target audience you should post regularly with content that will engage your audience. You could post feature content that focuses on a certain machine and how it benefits the customer. If your company attends a lot of events or conventions it can be good to post about them to make your customers aware of your presence. If your equipment rental business targets contractors maybe you could post helpful tips for the types of contractors you rent to.

Including links in your posts to your webpage can help drive traffic to your website and can result in increased rentals and sales, generally the more traffic to your website the better. To get people to click the link you should include a call to action like "Click here to see ten facts about the rental business - You won't believe number 10". "Click Here" tells the reader what to do but it also grabs interest by saying "You won't believe number 10" resulting in a click.

There are many routes you can go when promoting your business on social media, so make sure what you do fits well with the way you want to be perceived by your customers.

Marketer utilizing social media.

Word of Mouth

Have you ever taken a friend's word when trying out a new place to eat? Word of mouth is the most powerful form of unpaid marketing. Ensuring all of your customers have a great experience renting from you can help you keep customers and get new ones through recommendations. 

How can you ensure your customers have a good experience? What you can do is always make your customers feel welcome and satisfied that they came to you to do business. Another way to increase customer satisfaction is by properly maintaining your equipment, making it look newer by doing touch-ups on the paint, and having clean equipment. 

To increase referrals from happy customers you could come up with a referral program. The program could offer a certain amount off on both customers' next rental purchases. By incentivising, your customer will feel rewarded for bringing more customers to you.

Word of mouth can also help bring more customers to you if you provide equipment with unique features. If you provide something like our Zero Turn series scissor lift and a customer rents it because they see how it can help boost productivity. After the customer gets experience with this type of lift, they could go to their friends/colleagues and tell them how this lift helped them maneuver the job site and helped them finish the job faster. Not only will this boost this type of equipments utilization, but it will also bring in more customers to your business solely because you provide this type of equipment.

Construction workers communicating.

High quality Hy-Brid Lifts.

Purchase the Best Equipment

Providing quality, good-looking equipment for your customers to rent can go a long way in keeping customers. Nobody is going to want to use run-down equipment that looks unsafe to use. 

Hy-Brid Lifts create the most quality, lightweight scissor lifts on the market. There are so many good features provided on our scissor lifts like Leakguard, no folding rails, and high lifting capacities just to name a few. Providing Hy-Brid Lifts is a good way to keep your customers coming back.

Can't afford a brand-new lift when just starting? Used scissor lifts are a great option. While not always in perfect cosmetic condition, our used lifts are always inspected to ensure proper safety and longevity. 

Maintaining your scissor lifts is another important aspect of owning an equipment rental. Making sure that after every rental you inspect the machines for damage and do the proper repairs. Doing touch-up paint on your lifts is a good way to go above and beyond to ensure proper presentation of the lifts on arrival to the customer.

Reducing maintenance costs is another thing to consider. Upgrading to a lithium battery helps reduce the cost of maintenance with zero maintenance, long battery life of 10+ years, and can be stored for long periods. Click here to find out more about the benefits of lithium batteries.

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