What Can Higher Scissor Lift Capacities Do for You?


At Hy-Brid Lifts, best-in-class platform capacities isn’t just a matter of bragging rights. It’s our commitment to providing operators with the best equipment available. Higher platform capacities mean our lifts can carry more tools and materials, allowing you to get more work out of each machine. We’ve outlined just a few of the many ways our industry-leading platform capacities can elevate performance on your next jobsite.

Platform Capacity Chart

1. Elevate More Workers, Tools, & Materials

Did you know all of our Pro Series scissor lifts are rated for two people? Putting two workers on a platform helps you get more workers at height, but without a large platform capacity to back it up, workers may find that there is little room left for necessary tools or materials. Competitors’ 19 ft lifts have platform capacities as low as 500 lbs, just barely more than the weight of two workers. All three Hy-Brid Lifts Pro Series slab scissors can safely elevate at least 650 lbs, with the PS-1030 boasting a platform capacity of 800 lbs, ample room for two workers and anything else required to get the job done.

Active Load Sensing Diagram

2. Active Load Sensing Keeps You Informed

One difficulty of working with scissor lifts is the mystery of how much platform capacity is left. New ANSI 92.20 standards require that all MEWP functions be inhibited if the platform capacity is exceeded, including downward functions. Accidentally overshooting can cause headaches as workers scramble to determine how much weight must be removed before operations can continue. Hy-Brid Lifts eliminates this issue completely with active load sensing. The control panel on our lifts displays real time percentages of the machine’s remaining capacity as the lift elevates. With this information in mind, workers can quickly determine what can still fit on the platform and what must be left behind, all without trigging the load-sensing alarm.

Extra lifting and lowering can cost workers almost a minute of working time

3. Fewer Trips Up & Down

It may seem obvious, but machines with greater capacities can carry more material, meaning operators take fewer trips up and down and can spend more time working at height. Each round of elevating/lowering the platform takes precious time away from the task at hand; a higher lift capacity means less time waiting around and more time getting work done, greatly improving overall project efficiency. On any long-term project, saving just a few seconds at every step can be the difference between finishing on time or falling behind. Use the best equipment available to help keep your team on schedule.

3 PS-1930s are lighter than 2 competitor 19ft lifts, but offer nearly double the lift capacity

4. Better Performance on Sensitive Flooring

Many construction projects now require strict floor load and machine load limits, setting a hard cap on how many machines can operate at once. Lifts with low platform capacities put a dent in the floor’s capacity without offering maximum performance. Higher lift capacities increase efficiency and keep the project on schedule. Couple Hy-Brid Lifts outstanding lift capacities with best-in-class floor loads and you have the ideal scissor lift for sensitive flooring. Competitors have lifts as heavy as 3,000 lbs and yet still have lower platform capacities than our PS-1930. Putting three Hy-Brid Lifts on the job rather than just two competitor lifts means more work gets done, plain and simple.

No matter what your next project looks like, higher lift capacities can improve operator efficiency and get work done faster. Whether you use our Pro Series, Push-Around Series, or Zero-Turn Series, work with confidence knowing your machine will handle the heavy lifting. Need Hy-Brid Lifts? Call our sales team at 833-610-1050 for pricing and ordering information.

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