Why Do Electricians Love Hy-Brid Lifts?

Why Do Electricians Love Hy-Brid Lifts?


When doing electrical work at height, ladders and scaffolding are off the table. This equipment lacks the necessary stability and work area to maximize productivity and safety. Because of this, many contractors turn to mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) to work at height, but not just any MEWP will do. Hy-Brid Lifts offers slab scissor lifts with a variety of features engineered to improve the performance of tradesmen, including electricians on the jobsite. We’re here to help electricians get more done while reducing their injury risk.

Compact Design

Electricians do most of their work in tight quarters, and bulky traditional scissor lifts hold them back. Most electrical work is done at heights below 20 ft, meaning a 19ft lift is often overkill. These larger lifts often come with folding rails, which creates a hassle as workers move throughout the jobsite. Low-level access lifts such as our PS-1030 and PS-1430 offer a compact design and small footprint to allow for easy maneuverability and minimize the risk of overhead crush. Trade out your 19ft lift for a lighter, more efficient solution. If your project does require work above 20ft, our PS-1930 can get you there all without the folding rails common on most competitor lifts. Don’t waste time with oversized lifts. If you’re working low, it’s best to go Pro.

Large Work Area

Compact design is certainly important for electrical work, but don’t let it minimize your work area. Vertical mast lifts are certainly compact, but their platforms are much smaller than scissor lifts. The mast column occupies much of the machine’s footprint, which severely limits the amount of space a worker has to operate. Not only does our Zero-Turn Series out-maneuver mast lifts, it does so while offering work platforms up to 37% larger thanks to the EZ-Glide slide-out extension deck. With this extra space, electricians can move freely around their work area and get more done without needing to reposition the lift. Spend less time maneuvering and more time working.

Platform Stability

Performing electrical work requires precision and expert handling. Don’t let your lift equipment add to the challenge. Mast lifts lack the stability of scissor lifts, with the work platform hanging far away from the point of contact with the lift column. This adds to platform sway, which makes precision work almost impossible. Once again, Hy-Brid Lifts provides a solution. Our lifts have rigid scissor stacks with multiple points of contact engineered to reduce sway and increase operator comfort.

Pipe Rack

Ever tried to keep pieces of conduit in place? Without something to hold them, these pipes roll around the work platform, making work difficult and presenting a serious risk to workers on the ground if they were to fall from the platform. Our pipe rack provides the solution. It holds up to 100 pounds of pipe or conduit, all while creating next to no interference over the work platform. Even with the pipe rack attached, all of our Pro Series lifts still fit through standard doors without folding down the rails. The pipe rack can be purchased as an add-on, or factory-ordered to be delivered with the machine. Forget a conduit balancing act, keep your materials in place with this useful feature.


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