Engineered with the demands of the jobsite in mind, our lifts have unparalleled low floor-loading pressures that let you complete projects faster and more efficiently than others in the scissor lifts industry. Hy-Brid Lifts are your light-weight solution that will let you increase your bottom line and provide cost and resource savings by allowing you to:

  • Operate on freshly-poured cement sooner
  • Work on delicate or sensitive flooring without damage
  • Easily navigate areas typically inaccessible by larger machines
  • Decrease your project’s lead time and overall project costs, and win more bids

Compact size - We’ve visited job sites and talked to our customers in order to engineer a lift that best fits their needs.  Designed with the jobsite in mind, the size of our Hy-Brid Lifts enables them to fit in most personnel elevators for easy floor access.  The compact size of our lift platform allows workers to comfortably access hard-to-reach places without sacrificing safety or capability.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Studies have shown that packaging can account for more than 40 percent of the carbon footprint of a packaged product because of the materials that go into it and the distances it travels to and from the manufacturer and distributors.

By producing our machines locally in the USA instead of overseas, we’re able to enforce and maintain high quality manufacturing standards and cut down on the shipping distances our machines have to travel. Through this, energy consumption and material waste is significantly reduced.

Our lifts are all electric, which means they have zero emissions and can be operated without producing harmful fossil fuel by-products. Furthermore, our machines require only two 12V batteries versus four 6V batteries used by the leading brands. Because of this, we are able to cut down on consumable parts and reduce raw material use: since 50 percent fewer batteries need to be replaced and manufactured for our lifts, disposal of non-biodegradable components is significantly reduced.

Decrease Your Energy Usage

Our energy-effective lift design allows our lifts one of the longest single-charge runtimes in the scissor lift industry of up to sixteen hours (depending on the work cycle), allowing you to achieve a longer battery life per charge cycle and extending your overall productivity.

Using only two 12V batteries to power our lifts versus four 6V batteries used by the leading brands, our machines require less energy per charge, saving you time and reducing your energy consumption without sacrificing performance.

Save Our Natural Resources

Hy-Brid Lift components are almost completely recyclable, and are designed and manufactured in the USA using the highest standards available.  These qualities, plus the high durability of our Hy-Brid Lifts mean they not only require fewer replacement parts and raw materials, but also boast a longer useable lifespan.  This has led to lower maintenance costs over the life of our lifts compared to others in the industry, and positive customer feedback time and time again attests to this.

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