Did you know there's a direct correlation between how safe workers feel and their ability to be productive? Providing workers with a sense of security is an essential part of running an efficient team.

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Scissor Lift Safety: Exploring Three Common Hazards

Accidents related to Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) can be prevented with a robust safety culture. In this article, we will shed light on some common hazards and provide insights on measures to mitigate these risks.

Pro Series Safety Features

Reduce injury risk and increase productivity at height with Pro Series lifts. These machines are packed with features from base to rails to keep workers safe.

Are Scissor Lifts User Friendly?

Choosing user-friendly scissor lifts increases jobsite productivity and prevents short- and long-term injuries. Find out how!

Why Implement a Ladder-Less Jobsite?

From small projects to the $670M Willis Tower renovation, see how contractors are implementing ladder-less jobsites to avoid deadly falls.

National Safety Month: Hierarchy of Controls

Learn more about the hierarchy of controls and how these five steps can reduce hazards on the jobsite.

WORK SAFE: 5 Ways to Prevent Falls in Construction

See how these five simple tips can prevent falls in construction and increase safety on jobsites while working at height.

WORK SAFE: Facility Maintenance

Learn how proper training, inspection, and documentation can save you money and prevent injuries on jobsites.

WORK SAFE: 3 Ways to Inspire Safe Work Habits

Feel like you're not making an impact as a safety leader? Read more about how you can improve safety on your jobsite.

The Cost of Jobsite Injuries & How Scissor Lifts Can Save You Money

Jobsite injuries cost employers more than you think. Learn how Hy-Brid Lifts reduce workplace hazards and ensures all workers are safe on the job.

Are Scissor Lifts Safe?

Scissor lifts are safe when used as the manufacturer intended. Ensure your workers remain injury-free by following these simple practices.

Ladders Last

There are over 500,000 ladder injuries per year. Don’t become a statistic and see how the PA-1030 prevents falls today.

How to Save Lives & $127,000

Scissor lifts play a critical role in preventing workplace injuries and deaths. Read this free whitepaper to learn how you can protect your workers at height!

8 Ways to Stay Safe on the Jobsite

Staying safe on job sites is a big deal. Here are eight ways you can prevent scissor lift accidents and injuries.




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