Pro Series Safety Features


If you've worked at height before, you're well aware of the risks. Falls are the single leading cause of injuries in the construction industry, with thousands of workers getting seriously injured or even dying each year. With so much potential for injury, your equipment should be doing everything it can to prevent falls and other hazards. At Hy-Brid Lifts, we're committed to keeping our users safe and productive on the jobsite. Our Pro Series line is designed with operator comfort and efficiency in mind. These features, along with many others, are here to keep workers feeling safe and productive when they're at height.

Robust Scissor Stack

Platform sway is the easiest way to make a worker uncomfortable on a scissor lift. The uneasy feeling as the platform rocks side to side can put fear into even the most experienced operator. Scissor lifts undergo extensive safety testing to ensure that tipping risks are minimized, but good luck explaining that to a worker twenty feet off the ground as the platform begins to sway. The fifth generation of Pro Series lifts added several adjustments to the scissor stack design to reduce this hazard. Cross plating between the scissors provides additional rigidity. The scissor pins at the joints between beams were made larger to improve overall stability. Finally, a track tensioner at the machine base inhibits the rollers from elevating while the lift is in use, which reduces sway. With Hy-Brid Lifts, workers can take their minds off the thought of falling and keep their focus on the task at hand. 


New enlarged pins on the scissor stack provide improved support

Live Load-Sensing

All scissor lifts manufactured after June of 2020 are required to prevent operation if the platform load exceeds the rated platform capacity. This ANSI standard change was implemented to prevent potential machine malfunction but created another concern for many lift operators. With no way to tell how much weight is on the platform outside of estimates, loading a lift becomes a guessing game as you try to find the optimal combination of operators, tools, and materials. The wrong combination could leave the machine unable to elevate, or worse, unable to descend until weight is shed, leaving workers stranded. Hy-Brid Lifts keeps workers informed with our live load-sensing feature, which displays the percentage of capacity filled on the upper controls. With this information, operators can quickly and accurately determine what will fit on the platform and avoid unnecessary stoppages.


Live load sensing keeps workers informed and reduces risk of accidents

Full Swing Entrance Door

Fall risks grab the headlines, but there are still other ways the wrong lifting equipment can contribute to jobsite injuries. Most scissor lifts have platforms 40 in or more off the ground, with a metal bar at the top of the rails which must be ducked under to enter the platform. This combination makes platform entry difficult and puts excess strain on backs and joints as operators contort themselves in and out of the platform. Over a long career of construction work, this stress can lead to lasting damage and a lifetime of pain and soreness. Hy-Brid Lifts combine low step-in heights with a full height cantilever door that opens easily and allows safe access to the platform. Workers can enter and exit the platform with a full range of motion, greatly reducing the chance of stress-induced injuries.


Full-height entry door allows for easy and safe platform access




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