HB To Pro Series

What's the Difference Between Early Model Hy-Brid Lifts & the Current Generation Pro Series?

We took a hard look at the HB Series 2 scissor lifts, talked to customers and other trade professionals, then tasked our engineers with bringing Hy-Brid Lifts up to ANSI A92.20 while incorporating all of the feedback we received. If you haven't seen the new models yet, this is what we did.


Standard Product Warranty

Standard Warranty

Rental-tough just got tougher. All Hy-Brid Lifts now include a 2-year parts and labor warranty and 5-year structural warranty to reduce the cost of ownership and give you peace of mind.


Expanded Product Line

Expanded Product Line

Meet the PS-1930. This lift offers all the same features and benefits of other Pro Series models, plus an increased working height of 25 ft and the ability to fit through standard personnel doors without folding rails.

LeakGuard™ Fluid Containment System


Say goodbye to scissor lift leaks. All Pro Series work platforms have the option of the LeakGuard™ Fluid Containment System, capable of containing up to 110% of a unit's hydraulic fluid if a leak were to occur.

Larger, Non-Marking Rubber Wheels

Larger Wheels

What limitations? Our engineers increased the wheel size on Pro Series lifts to provide operators with a smoother ride, higher ground clearance, additional ramp grip, and reduced floorloads.

Higher Lift Capacities

Higher Lift Capacities

Lift more, higher. All Pro Series scissor lifts feature increased maximum platform capacities and standard live load-sensing, which prohibits all machine functions if the platform capacity is reached.

New Platform Controls

New Controls

Work smarter, not harder. Our updated controls simplify lift operation and maneuverability with watertight features like a horn, diagnostics display, indoor/outdoor selection, battery status, and movement controls.



New Drive Motors Planetary Gearbox

We changed our Pro Series motors from a parallel shaft to a planetary gearbox, increasing durability, efficiency, torque, and power.


Slide Out

Pro Series Slide Out

The EZ-Glide slide out extension deck was redesigned to significantly reduce the amount of force required to extend the slide out.



Slide Out

Pro Series Rigid Slide Out

Operator confidence and safety are crucial, so we thickened the steel used on EZ-Glide slide out extension decks.


Toe Boards

Pro Series 6 Inch Toe Boards

We increased toe board height from 4 in to 6 in, including the full swing door, to minimize the chance of tools or materials falling off the platform.

Standard Power-to-


Standard Power to Platform

Boost productivity with standard power-to-platform. This feature keeps tools and phones fully charged for when you need them.

Full Height Swing


Full Height Swing Door

Unlike other manufacturers, our swing-style entry gate is full height, enabling access without having to duck under a bar.

Cantilever Entry


Cantilever Entry Door

We eliminated door jams by lifting the entry gate and toe board as the door opens, clearing materials and tools on the platform.

Spring Actuated

Entry Door

Pro Series Spring Actuated Door

A spring replaced the polyurethane band that closes the entry gate to increase safety, minimize damage, and reduce service requests.

No Folding


Pro Series No Fold Rails

The compact design of all Hy-Brid Lifts Pro Series models eliminates the need for folding rails, saving you time and hidden costs.

Increased Cross


Pro Series Scissor Cross Plating

We added additional cross plating between scissor beams, providing a more rigid scissor stack for reduced sway on the platform.

Cylinder Integrated

Manifold Block

Cylinder Integrated Manifold

The manifold block is now incorporated into the cylinder, allowing easier maintenance and fewer opportunities for failure.

New Scissor


Pro Series New Scissor Pins

Redesigned and fortified, our new scissor pins simplify snap ring pre-inspection while minimizing scissor sway.



Pro Series Track Tensioner

We added a track tensioner onto the base frame to increase scissor stack rigidity and prevent the scissor rollers from lifting.

External Maintenance


Pro Series Dual Maintenance Locks

External dual maintenance locks eliminate reaching into the scissor stack to engage locks and prevent the scissor stack from twisting.



Pro Series E-Down Cable

The emergency down is now located on the aft portion of the scissor lift, reducing the reaction time needed in the event of an emergency.




Pro Series Key Switch

After using the lower controls, the key switch automatically defaults back to the upper controls located on the platform.

Dedicated Tie-Down


Pro Series Updated Tie Downs

All Pro Series scissor lifts now feature dedicated tie-down points, making it easier to secure them for transport.

New Turning


Pro Series Updated Steering

The new turning mechanism on Pro Series scissor lifts reduces the inside turning radius to 8 in, increasing maneuverability tenfold.

New Motor


New Motor Controller

The new TS-100 motor controller enables us to add improved features like CAN bus upper controls, telematics, and more.

Robust Entry


Pro Series Robust Step

Doubling as additional rear tie-down points, our rugged steps also received a face lift of an integrated metal texture to improve traction.

Higher Ground


Pro Series Ground Clearance

We increased the ground clearance on our lifts to better navigate trailer breaks and reduce the odds of getting stuck on jobsite obstacles.

Battery Disconnect

Combined with E-Stop

Pro Series Battery Disconnect E-Stop

The battery disconnect/e-stop reduces the number of individual parts needed for the lower controls on Pro Series scissor lifts.

Integrated PTP/Charge


Pro Series Recessed Ports

Our power-to-platform and charger ports, located on the aft side, are recessed into the base for greater protection from jobsite damage.



Faster Charging

The new Hy-Brid Lifts charger is capable of charging 50% faster. Less time spent charging translates to more time being utilized.


Reinforced Pothole Actuator

Pro Series Updated Pothole Actuator

An updated design supports the pothole actuator during elevation and descent, while reducing the risk of damage over time.

Electronic Brake Release

All of our electric scissor lifts are updated with an internal electronic brake release that eliminates the risk of an external brake release being damaged.

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