Scissor Lift Platform Capacities by Brand


Why wouldn’t you want your machine to lift more? Higher lift capacities mean improved efficiency and performance on the jobsite. At Hy-Brid Lifts, we pride ourselves on manufacturing lifts that do just that. So how do our Pro Series lifts compare with other machines in the market when it comes to lift capacity? Let’s find out.

Determining Platform Capacity

Unlike floor load, platform capacity is a simple, straightforward metric. How much can a given scissor lift safely bring up? But to properly compare these lifts, they must first be divided into categories. Rough-terrain and slab scissors are used in different applications and should be considered separately. In the same way, low-level access lifts with platform heights at or below 19 ft are separate from towering 50 ft slab scissors. The Hy-Brid Lifts Pro Series offers platform heights at 10, 14, and 19 ft, so this blog will focus on lifts in the 10–19 ft platform height range.

Entering this challenge are lifts from JLG, Genie, Skyjack, Haulotte, Snorkel, MEC, Sinoboom, JCB, ZoomLion, GMG, LGMG, and, of course, Hy-Brid Lifts. All self-propelled slab scissor lifts with platform heights within the specified range were included. Results are shown in the adjacent table, with columns for maximum platform height, maximum platform capacity, and machine weight.

The table is a lot to look at, with 29 lifts represented in total, so let's run through some of the highlights. The industry standard platform capacity for lifts in this range is 500 lb. 16 of the entries to this list have capacities between 500 and 510 lbs, and none fall below the 500 lb threshold. On the opposite end of the spectrum, very few lifts manage to eclipse 600 lbs. Two lifts, the SJ3215 from Skyjack and the S3215E from Snorkel, get to 600 lbs exactly, but only four manage to break past that barrier. Those lifts are the Snorkel S3215L, at 670 lbs, and all three Hy-Brid Lifts Pro Series models. The PS-1030 takes the overall crown for lift capacity at 800 lbs, while the PS-1430 and PS-1930 come in at 700 and 650 lbs, respectively. 

Model Brand Platform Height

Platform Capacity

Machine Weight
PS-1030 Hy-Brid Lifts 10 ft 800 lbs 1500 lbs
PS-1430 Hy-Brid Lifts 14 ft 700 lbs 1780 lbs
S3215L Snorkel 15 ft 670 lbs 2100 lbs
PS-1930 Hy-Brid Lifts 19 ft 650 lbs 1985 lbs
SJ3215 Skyjack 15 ft 600 lbs 2531 lbs
S3215E Snorkel 15 ft 600 lbs 2875 lbs
S3219E Snorkel 19 ft 550 lbs 3075 lbs
S3019E Snorkel 19 ft 550 lbs 3500 lbs
1330-ED Micro GMG 13 ft 530 lbs 1609 lbs
1530-ED Micro GMG 15 ft 530 lbs 1895 lbs
SS1230E LGMG 12 ft 530 lbs 1940 lbs
ZS1530DC ZoomLion 15ft 530 lbs 1975 lbs
1330SE Micro MEC 13 ft 530 lbs 2066 lbs
1330SE Sinoboom 13 ft 529 lbs 1940 lbs
SS1432E LGMG 14 ft 510 lbs 2172 lbs
ZS1930DC ZoomLion 19 ft 510 lbs 3210 lbs
AS1932E LGMG 19 ft 510 lbs 3571 lbs
1930SE Sinoboom 19 ft 507 lbs 3032 lbs
1930-ED GMG 19 ft 507 lbs 3150 lbs
ES1932 JLG 19 ft 507 lbs 3353 lbs
S1930E JCB 19 ft 505 lbs 3364 lbs
1931 AC Haulotte 19 ft 500 lbs 3500 lbs
S3010E Snorkel 10 ft 500 lbs 1091 lbs
ES1530L JLG 15 ft 500 lbs 1940 lbs
SJ3013 Micro Skyjack 13 ft 500 lbs 1950 lbs
ES1330L JLG 13 ft 500 lbs 1984 lbs
GS1930 Genie 19 ft 500 lbs 3209 lbs
SJ3219 Skyjack 19 ft 500 lbs 3255 lbs
1930SE Slim MEC 19 ft 500 lbs 3440 lbs


Platform Capacity vs. Weight

Those numbers sound impressive, but what use is extra platform capacity, really? If you’re only sending one person up and down with minimal tools, then perhaps 500 lbs is plenty. But efficiency is the name of the game in construction, and lifts with larger capacities allow you to get more done with less. The PS-1030 can lift up to 800 lbs, easily taking two workers plus tools and materials to working heights up to 16 ft. More room on the platform also means fewer trips up and down when transporting materials, saving valuable time across the duration of the project.

Perhaps the most valuable benefit of lifts with high platform capacities is their per-pound lifting ability, offering maximum jobsite efficiency. With that in mind, how do the 29 lifts we studied compare? We plotted them by overall weight and lifting capacity. Dots in the upper left corner of the graph combine lightweight design with high lifting capacities. Those in the bottom right are both heavy and have a smaller platform capacity.

Once again, it’s the Hy-Brid Lifts Pro Series at the top, with the PS-1030 packing the most per-pound punch. The 10 ft lift is followed closely by the PS-1430 and PS-1930, as well as the S3215L from Snorkel. These powerful lifts allow you to accomplish more with less on the jobsite, as three PS-1930s weigh less and lift almost twice as much as two competitor lifts. When it’s time to get work done, choose the machines that will push you forward, not hold you back.

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