HB-1230 General Safety

This video reviews important instructions and operating procedures to safely operate an HB-1230 scissor lift. Please take time to review the operations and safety manual. This manual, along with several other guides, can be found in the weatherproof box at the front of the lift.


All Hy-Brid Lifts have decals that display safety, warning, caution, and other information that operators need to pay attention to. It's important to familiarize yourself with all decal signs and their meanings. Only qualified users should operate this unit and the lift should only be used for its intended purpose. Before starting your machine, check the jobsite for any hazardous working conditions around and above the machine, including areas you are travelling to. Notice the guardrail system around the perimeter of the platform: this serves as your fall protection system.

The lift also features an emergency lowering system in case of power loss. By pulling on the emergency down cable ring, the machine will descend. On the HB-1230, there are two versions of stop switches: one at the platform control and one at the base control. If for any reason you need to stop the machine, push in the emergency stop. To reset it, pull, or twist it back out. 


Before operating an HB-1230 lift, inspect it thoroughly to make sure everything is working correctly. The pre-start inspection checklist in the manual must be used at the beginning of each shift or, after every six to eight hours of use. If needed, make sure repairs are made by a qualified technician before operating the machine.

If the machine was shut down properly, the key switch should be in the "OFF" position, the emergency stop pushed in, and the master power switch off. To start up, turn on the master power switch and turn the key in the lower control panel to the "ON" position. Then, pull or turn out the emergency stops. The machine will beep to let you know it's powered up. You'll see the battery charge level indicator LED turn on. The lower controls allow you to elevate the platform by pressing the top of the up/down rocker switch, or lower it by pressing the bottom. You can stop all functions by pressing in the emergency stop, and to stop all power to the machine, turn off the master power switch. 

To completely disable the machine, remove the key from the lower control panel as well as the master power switch knob and put them in a secure place so non-authorized personnell cannot operate the machine.

After using the machine, turn it off and plug it in so you can start the next day with a full charge. 

In the manual, you'll find a chart that allows you to read the battery display so you know the status of your battery.

To safely get on or off the lift, use the 3-point contact method. Your left hand should be placed on the left rail, your right hand on the full-swing door, and your foot placed on the stair. Then raise yourself up into the lift, and close the swing gate.

Before operating the platform, you need to know how much your machine can safely lift. You'll find decals on the toeboard indicating the unit's lift capacity. HB-1230 lifts are capable of elevating 550 lbs in the platform, including the operator and necessary tools. The slide-out deck extension holds 250 lbs. The slide out extension deck should be extended when at height and should be retracted when moving, lifting, or lowering. The HB-1230 features an integrated tool tray and tool holder, and its load is included in the load of the machine.

To operate the machine from the platform, the key switch down below should be in the upper control position. A USB port is included in the upper controls for charging your devices.

The joystick lets you lift, lower, and drive the machine. The lift/drive mode selector switch lets you toggle between lifting, lowering, and driving operations.

For lifting and lowering, turn the mode selection switch to "Lift/Lower" then pull the enable trigger on the joystick. Then, after a few seconds, push forward to elevate and stop when at height. When you're in the desired location and height, push the emergency stop in to prevent the machine from moving. To lower the lift, twist out the emergency stop pull the enable trigger, and after a few seconds pull the joystick towards you. Proportional lift allows the operator to control the speed of elevation. To go slow, push the joystick slightly forward. If you want to go faster, push further.

When you are ready to drive, turn the mode selector switch to "Drive," pull the enable trigger, and after a few seconds, push the joystick in the direction you want to go. With proportional drive, you can go fast or slow in any directional track. For convenience, the HB-1230 has a unique feature that allows you to turn the machine right by moving the joystick to the right and the same thing for moving to the left.

When your work is done, make sure you push in the emergency stop. Then, exit the machine safely maintaining the three points of contact. Push in the emergency stop, turn the key off, and take your master power switch with you.

Optional Equipment

Power-to-platform is an optional 120V outlet located on the platform and is powered by plugging in the extension cord at the rear of the machine.

WARNING: Extension cords should never be tied to the platform. If you move the machine with an extension cord tied on it, the machine can topple and lead to serious injury or damage.  




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