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HB Series 2 Terminal Block "Cheat Sheet"

The HB Series 2 machines are some of our most popular but can be tricky to master when it comes to their voltage readings. When troubleshooting, it’s much easier to identify your problem when you know what voltage each terminal is supposed to have—and what each terminal is responsible for. 

To keep your machine up and running, I created a quick “cheat sheet” that includes the voltage readings you should expect to see on your HB Series 2. Before reading it, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • When checking voltage in the lower controls, the black wire from the hour meter is a good source for your ground. 
  • If you use the battery on the lower control side of the machine, you are only using a 12V ground and won’t get a proper 24V reading. 
Terminal Number What It Is Voltage Reading
1 Pot Wiper

Driving Forward: 4.8V
In Neutral: 2.5V
In Reverse: 0.4V

2 Pot High, Speed Pot Driving Forward: 4.8V
Driving Reverse: 4.8V
3 Pot Low 0V
4 Joystick Trigger When Squeezing: 24V
5 Power from Low Control E-Stop 24V
6 Right Steer Limit Switch Turning Right: 24V
7 Left Steer Limit Switch Turning Left: 24V
8 Descent Voltage When Lowering the Platform: 24V
9 Fast and Slow Drive Signal Voltage will Vary for Driving Speed
10 Tilt Alarm Power 24V
11-12 Elevation Power After Limit Switches When Elevating the Platform: 24V
13 Elevation Power Before Limit Switches When Elevating the Platform: 24V
14 Upper Control E-Stop Return Voltage 24V
15 Lower Control Rocker Switch and Relay Power 24V
16 Upper Control Power 24V
17 Empty Empty
18 Key Switch Power 24V
19 Main Power  Coming from Pump 24V
20-22 Grounds Grounds
23-30 Brakes Brakes


Even if your machine is running properly, be sure to keep this sheet handy for QA checks. If your machine is down and the voltage is off, give me a call at 262-297-5195 and we’ll get you back up and running.