4 Scissor Lift Battery Maintenance Tips


All Hy-Brid Lifts HB Series and Pro Series units are manufactured with high-grade steel and two deep cycle 12V batteries. The routine care and maintenance of your lift and its batteries have a lot to do with how well the machine functions and how long it lasts. Check out these easy scissor lift battery maintenance tips to maximize your uptime and ROI for years to come.

1. Check Wiring Monthly

The battery wiring should be inspected monthly to keep your machine operating at its fullest potential. When checking the wiring and wire connection, make sure there are no cuts in the wire insulation that could cause a possible short. You should also double check that the terminals are snug and free of any corrosion for a clean and tight connection.

2. Monitor Water Levels

Maintaining appropriate water levels in your lift’s batteries makes charging more efficient and prolongs the battery’s lifespan. Low water levels don’t disperse heat evenly and cause hot spots to form, while overwatering causes the battery to overflow and reduces performance. Make sure to wear the proper PPE and follow the steps below to check the water levels in your scissor lift batteries.


  1. Remove unit side covers to access batteries.
  2. Remove battery caps and check fluid level.
  3. Fill each cell (if needed) to split ring with distilled water.
  4. When required, water should be added to battery after charging, unless water level is below plates.
  5. Do NOT overfill. When cells are too full, fluid will seep out when charging.
  6. Reinstall caps.
  7. Wash all dirt, debris, acid, etc., off battery whenever corrosion is detected with a solution of 5 ml baking soda per 0.95 liters of warm water.
  8. Coat terminals with a commercially available coating.
  9. Close cabinet and latch in place.

3. Maintain Moderate Jobsite Temperatures

It’s understandable that not all work environments allow for perfect weather, especially outdoor jobsites. However, studies have shown that the surrounding temperature does affect the power reserve within a machine’s batteries. For example, if a battery is fully charged at 80 degrees F, it will drop to 65% at 32 degrees F. At 0 degrees F, the battery will drop to 40% efficiency. Simply adding heaters in cold weather and fans when it’s hot can make a difference in your scissor lift batteries’ performance.

4. Charge When Not in Use

Charging your machine after each use ensures that your batteries are at the fullest capacity in all work environments. For maximum battery life, leave the charger plugged in until the machine is ready to be used again. Hy-Brid Lifts have smart chargers that may not pick up a charge if the batteries drop below 7V DC. Additionally, these chargers won’t overcharge a battery and will cut out charging at 14.8V DC and turn back on once it drops below 12.7V DC.

Having trouble with your scissor lift batteries? 

Give the Hy-Brid Lifts service team a call at 262-297-5195 with any questions you may have.

Wait? There are Battery Options?

At Hy-Brid Lifts, there are three battery choices:

Each battery choice has its pros and cons which will impact the machine's cost and performance. Making an informed decision to choose the right battery can help you increase your ROI. 

Explore Battery Options

AGM Batteries

Absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries are spill-proof sealed lead acid batteries that are maintenance-free, are safer than traditional lead acid batteries by reducing exposure to battery acid, and have a higher cycle life which extends the time between battery replacements. 

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Lithium Batteries

At Hy-Brid Lifts, we continue to innovate to find new solutions to make our scissor lifts as maintenance-free as possible. This includes providing a better, maintenance-free battery option that helps increase your ROI. From slow charge time to frequent battery changes lead acid batteries are just not worth the hassle. Lithium provides a maintenance-free, better return on investment, and more efficient battery solution.

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