Scissor Lift Tips for Painters

February 2, 2017

Scissor Lift PainterWhen it comes to painting, a number of scissor lift features will save time, prevent strains, minimize floor damage and keep the operator safe by providing a large platform that maneuvers to an appropriate height.


  • Consider how many trips up and down a ladder or even scaffolding it would take to get a job done. With a small, lightweight, maneuverable scissor lift, you can simply load the platform with all of your supplies and use the lift system to reach the right height. It saves a lot of time and effort.


  • Our Custom Equipment engineers take the concept of making jobs easier on a person’s body seriously. Hy-Brid Lifts have one of the lowest step-in heights in the industry—just one step as low as 20 inches and the “climbing” is done. We also don’t see a reason for painters to strain as they crawl under or over a chain with their tools to get in and out of the lift, so our lifts use full-swing doors. All of this helps prevent injuries and falls, which lessens Worker’s Comp expenses, too.


  • Choosing a scissor lift that’s incredibly compact—small enough to fit through standard doorways—will make the job much easier.  A heavy-duty, extendable platform gives the option for extra working space for two people after maneuvering to a working height as high as 20 feet.


  • A big concern for painters is preventing damage to flooring. A lightweight lift with counter-rotating wheels can move across tile, laminate and carpet without causing damage.  Further, choosing a lift with a completely selfcontained hydraulic system will reduce any potential of a leak.

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