What is AXCS?


Hy-Brid Lifts was acquired with a majority stake by ASKO, a Turkish company that owns the brands ELS Lift and MST. This acquisition allows us to triple our product offering, providing a wider range of equipment. In addition, we have plans on the horizon to expand our product offering further. All the new products will be under a new brand name: AXCS. These branded products will expand our current scissor lift range and enter new product categories: articulating booms, telehandlers, and vertical masts.

The current products under the Hy-Brid Lifts brand are here to stay, though you may notice some cosmetic changes. For the future, we plan to phase out the Hy-Brid Lifts brand name fully transitioning to our new AXCS brand. This just means that our current line of scissor lifts, Pro Series, Zero-Turn Series, and Push-Around Series, will receive the AXCS brand name in place of the Hy-Brid Lifts brand name.

Read on to learn more about our new additions under the AXCS brand.


EL Series

EL Series scissor lifts complement our current line of Pro Series scissor lifts. EL Series lifts are full-sized electric drive scissor lifts that are capable of reaching working heights of up to 51ft complemented by a large working space, providing plenty of space to take up materials and tools. All of the models will feature our LeakGuard system to protect against scissor lift leaks. The folding rail system is designed for quick and easy operation, requiring only 4 pins, allowing the operator to fold the rails within seconds. These lifts are outdoor rated and are ready to handle any of your scissor lift needs. The EL Series models are EL-2632, EL-2645, EL-3245, EL-4045, and EL-4555.

VM Series

Complementing our current line of Zero-Turn Series scissors, VM Series vertical masts excel at providing access to tight, complex work areas. Currently, there are two models the VM-1230 and the VM-26J both provide excellent access to complex job sites. The VM-1230 and VM-26J provide a zero-degree turning radius and a compact chassis to allow for maneuvering around the job site with ease. The VM-1230 is a compact machine capable of maneuvering around complex areas. This vertical mast lift provides a slide-out extension deck to allow for a larger work area and up-and-over capabilities. The VM-26J features a jib to provide improved up-and-over capabilities which allows the operator to better maneuver over objects that would otherwise be in their way. Larger models will be introduced in 2025. 


AB Series

The AXCS product line will also include articulating booms. Currently, there's one model in AB Series, AB-43JNE, which provides 48.7 ft of working height. These articulating booms can provide access to complex job sites with restricted space and many obstacles that would otherwise prevent straight booms from accessing. AB Series is capable of maneuvering in these areas due to their compact stowed footprint when compared to a straight boom. In addition, AB Series articulating booms can maneuver up and over obstacles which would be tough or impossible with a straight boom in these space-restricted and complex job sites.

AB Series AB-43JNE Articulating Boom

TH Series

TH Series telehandlers are versatile machines that can provide many different functions for a job site. These machines can be used to move materials from point A to point B and can utilize different attachments to complete various tasks. Currently, three telehandler models will be available in quarter four of 2024: TH-842, TH-944, and TH-1044. These telehandlers will come with a standard 74hp engine with the option of a bigger engine. Additionally, more models are coming in 2025: TH-1056, and TH-1256.  

TH Series TH-944 Telehandler




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