8 Hy-Brid Lifts Features That Elevate Operator Performance


All Hy-Brid Lifts are built with you, the operator, in mind. From the wheels all the way up to the rails, our scissor lifts are packed full of features that improve productivity and efficiency on the jobsite while enhancing operator safety and usability. Even our simplest features save workers a few seconds and quickly add up to massive time savings over the duration of a project. Continue reading to learn more about some of the key features that help our machines maximize performance and keep your next project running smoothly.

1. No Folding Rails

In June of 2020, the new ANSI A92.20 standard went into effect, causing many safety and design changes in the MEWP industry. One major standard change was increased rail height. As a result, many scissor lift manufacturers were forced to install folding rails to fit their lifts through personnel doors and elevators. The compact design of Hy-Brid Lifts means this inconvenient hazard isn’t necessary on any of our machines. Our scissor stack folds into the base, allowing for a much lower stowed height and easier jobsite navigation than other brands. Save yourself the hassle of folding down rails and keep work moving smoothly with Hy-Brid Lifts.

Hy-Brid Lifts fit through standard doors and elevators without the need for folding rails

2. Low Step-In Heights

The compact design of Hy-Brid Lifts offers easy access to the platform. Unlike competitor lifts, only one step is required to access the Hy-Brid Lifts platform, reducing the risk of operator slips, trips, or falls when entering and exiting the lift. Low step-in heights on scissor lifts also greatly reduce worker strain when loading materials and tools onto the platform, preventing jobsite injuries and keeping workers safe. More than preventing impact injuries, the ergonomic design of our machines reduces long term injuries from repeated wear and tear while entering and exiting the platform. This relatively minor feature is instrumental in reducing employee injury both now and in the future.

Low step-in heights make platform access easy and safe

3. Full-Height Door

It may not look special, but the entry gate found on our Zero-Turn Series and Pro Series lifts increases operator efficiency tenfold. Many competitors feature a half-height door, which requires operators to duck underneath a fixed rail to enter and exit the platform. Not only is this time-consuming and difficult to navigate, but half-height doors cause additional back and neck strain and increase the likelihood of head injuries. The Hy-Brid Lifts full height door eliminates those safety concerns and makes platform access easier than ever.

Hy-Brid Lifts have full height doors for easy platform access

4. Cantilever Entry Gate

The ANSI A92.20 standard now requires MEWPs to have toe boards around the entire platform, including the door. This change reduces the risk of tools or other objects falling from the platform and putting those below in danger. However, a large toe board on the lift’s door may get stuck on materials or debris in the platform, preventing the door from opening fully. To avoid this issue, the Hy-Brid Lifts cantilever gate and toe board lift up as the door is opened, floating over material on the platform to ensure it doesn’t jam. This small scissor lift feature stops potential problems when entering the platform and allows workers to complete their task without worrying about safety concerns like a stuck door.

The cantilever entry gate and toe board float over material and debris on the platform

5. Tool Holder & Parts Tray

Scissor lift operators require multiple tools when working at height whether they’re painting, installing drywall, or doing electrical work. Keeping all equipment and parts organized can be difficult as there isn’t always a secure place to store them when not in use. Hy-Brid Lifts offer a designated scissor lift tool holder and parts tray to contain tools in an easily accessible location within reach of operators. No more juggling tools or fumbling around the platform for the tool you need; Hy-Brid Lifts helps you keep your equipment at your fingertips so you can get more done.

The tool holder safely and easily stores all of the supplies you need

6. EZ-Glide Slide Out Extension Deck

Debris on elevating work platforms can jam slide out rails and prevent extension decks from rolling out properly. Most scissor lift manufacturers put slide out rollers along the bottom of the platform deck, leaving them prone to jamming. Hy-Brid Lifts eliminates this issue with EZ-Glide slide out extension decks, which put slide out rollers on the midrail and away from any potential debris buildup. This system prevents jamming that causes stress for workers and slows progress on the jobsite. After all, operators should be focused on the job at hand. We’ll make sure your equipment does the same.

The EZ-Glide Slide Out Extension Deck is now even easier to use

7. Rigid Scissor Stack

Workers are more productive when they feel safe and in control, and the most common way they lose that sense of security is from platform sway. Hy-Brid Lifts Pro Series models have several new features specifically designed to reduce overall scissor sway and increase confidence at height. Cross-plating between the scissors combined with larger scissor pins make the stack more rigid while a track tensioner on the base frame inhibits the scissor rollers from elevating while in use, increasing overall stability and limiting platform sway.

Our scissor stack has been revamped for increased stability

8. Default Upper Controls

Remembering to flip the key switch before entering the platform is a cause of frustration for operators, so we created a solution. The key switch on new Hy-Brid Lifts defaults to the upper controls rather than the lower controls, reducing the amount of time between machine start up and vertical lift. Those few seconds saved add up over the course of the project, shaving valuable time off of each individual task and helping to keep the project on schedule and under budget.

Hy-Brid Lifts defaul to the upper controls rather than the lower

Visit our Pro Series, Push-Around Series, and Zero-Turn Series pages for additional product information and specifications. To learn more about Hy-Brid Lifts or to place an order, call a representative at 833-610-1050 .