Filling the Void with the ZT-1630


Hy-Brid Lifts™ had the pleasure of delivering our first order of ZT-1630 lifts to Advantage Rental, Inc., a division of Scott Electric. The ZT-1630 is part of our Zero-Turn Series, which was introduced as part of our next generation of low-level, all-purpose lifts. The rental center placed an order for the new models soon after their release and has since experienced positive customer feedback.

“I jumped on the opportunity to order the new models from Hy-Brid Lifts™ because I was so impressed with their previous lifts,” said John Ganiear, Advantage Rental, Inc. Rental Manager. “The ZT-1630 features fit the specific needs of our customers in many industries, and these lifts fill a gap that we hadn’t previously offered in our lineup.”

The ZT-1630 is designed for precision maneuverability, featuring a zero-turn radius and a simple point-and-go drive style. Advantage Rental customers often require precise, compact lifts as they work primarily in the electrical contracting, plumbing, and mechanical contracting industries. The ZT-1630 weighs 1,785 lbs and lifts up to 650 lbs, which is typically more than enough for one operator and required materials. The lift also delivers a 16 ft platform height and a working height of 22 ft.

Advantage Rentals owner with Zero Turn Lift

John Ganiear, Advantage Rental, Inc.

"Our customers are doing everything from changing lightbulbs in hospital hallways to installing overhead pipe or electrical line. They need a lift that’s compact enough for small hallways and elevators, and the ZT-1630 is just that. These lifts do not require folding rails, something a lot of competitive models require. Customers ask for lifts without folding rails, and have been impressed with the Hy-Brid model."

John Ganiear
Advantage Rental, Inc. Rental Manager

Zero Turn working at height

Advantage Rental offers free delivery on most orders, which makes the compact and lighter-than-average ZT-1630 ideal due to its compact size and light weight. Competitive models often weigh upwards of 3,000 lbs, which limits the number of lifts that on a single truck. Ganiear says that he and his team are able to transport the ZT-1630 lifts in a standard box truck instead of requiring a trailer or additional large equipment.

The ZT-1630 is a safer and more secure alternative to a traditional mast lift and meets all ANSI A92.20 standards. The scissor stack supports the weight of the platform with four points of contact, while mast lifts are supported by only one point of contact. The lift also provides operators with a larger work area than standard mast-style lifts.

"The ZT-1630 is really a natural fit for rental centers and customers and we’re pleased that Advantage Rental has seen such successful early results. Whether customers need one or 10 lifts at a time, they have come to know and trust the Hy-Brid Lifts name. Additionally, working with our dealers allows us to get feedback from customers to continue innovating to meet their needs and design the best lifts for their operations."

Marshall Shaver
Hy-Brid Lifts Vice President Sales & Marketing


Advantage Rental is so satisfied with the Hy-Brid Lifts they received that they recently purchased 20 PS-1930 units. The brand-new 19-foot lifts are the latest in the Hy-Brid Lifts lineup, offering unique features like non-folding rails, 650 lb lift capacities, and weight under 2,000 lbs.

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