Scissor Lifts over Mast Style Lifts

Typically, scissor lifts offer a more stable platform and a larger work area than other Group A Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP), which makes them ideal for a wide variety of construction and industrial applications that require operators to work at elevated positions for prolonged periods of time.

The HB-1230 by Hy-Brid Scissor Lifts provides its operator with greater stability when elevated and a larger work area than standard mast style lifts.  The scissor stack supports the weight of the platform with four points of contact while mast lifts are supported by only one point of contact.  In addition to scissor lifts standard four points of contact, Hy-Brid Scissor Lifts have large, one inch pins that add increased stability.

Because mast lifts are distributing all of the platform weight over one point of contact, the size of the platform must be significantly decreased to make it stable.  As a result the work area is reduced.  Hy-Brid Scissor Lifts have a work area that is almost double the size of mast lifts. 

HB-1230 Scissor Lift

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