Chain link entry gates are going away but there are other aspects of entry gates that are changing too.

What does the Standard say? Any opening in the floor or between the floor and toeguards or access gates shall be dimensioned so as to prevent the passage of a sphere of 15 mm (.59 in) diameter.

4.6.7 Chains or ropes shall not be used as guardrails or access gates.

A popular solution for manufacturers haas been a fixed bar across the top of the aft end of the rails with a half gate that opens on the bottom.  This solution can be seen on scissor lifts with folding rails.  

Another popular gate design that complies with A92.20 is saloon style doors.

What we changed...

The PA-1030 features a saloon style door that meets these requirements.

Pro and Zero-Turn Series will feature a full, cantilever door with an elevating toeguard to prevent jamming.  This solution does not require the operator to have to bend over uncomfortably under a fixed rail to enter the platform.

Hy-Brid Lifts entry gates allow easy access without having to duck