Why Buy Used Scissor Lifts?


Project budgets are tight, especially in the construction world. If you’re looking for ways to reduce overhead, consider buying pre-owned scissor equipment. Used machinery performs just as well as new, but without the new price tag. Continue reading to discover the top five reasons why more and more companies are buying used aerial equipment over new scissor lifts.

1. Lower Initial Cost

Purchasing used scissor equipment is generally more cost-effective than buying new machines as most used lifts deliver the same performance for a fraction of the cost. Not only are you spending less money upfront between the equipment’s purchase price and taxes, but a smaller loan means lower monthly payments. This allows you to grow your fleet faster or reallocate the money you save into other areas of your business.

2. Avoid Initial Depreciation

When purchasing new equipment from a dealer, you pay the retail price: the amount a dealer is willing to sell the equipment at. Once the scissor lift leaves the lot, it’s instantly worth its wholesale price: the amount a dealer is willing to buy back the equipment for. Buying used lifts helps you avoid this initial drop in value, significantly decreasing the lift’s total depreciation while in your possession.

3. Hold Value Longer

Scissor lift depreciation doesn’t stop when lifts leave the dealer’s lot. In fact, these machines continue to depreciate throughout their lifespan, but at a much slower rate. This means that used equipment holds its value longer than new scissor lifts, since the most depreciation occurs within the first year of new machine ownership. Carefully maintaining your equipment inside and out will help you recoup your investment at time of resale.

4. Inventory Readily Available

It’s widely known that a dealer’s new inventory is entirely reliant on equipment availability from manufacturers. With the current trend of supply chain issues, labor shortages, and shipping delays, you could be waiting weeks if not months for new equipment to arrive. Why wait on uncertain lead times? Used scissor lifts are available immediately, allowing you to purchase a machine, load it up, and deliver it to your jobsite all in the same day. A dealer’s selection of used equipment typically has even more options to choose from than buying new, including different makes, models, features, and more so you can find the equipment you need, when you need it.

5. Lower Insurance Costs

New access equipment costs more to insure because the amount it would take to replace the machinery is significantly higher than the cost to replace an older lift. Coincidently, most insurance companies offer reduced premium rates to insure older scissor lift models that cost less to replace. Purchasing used equipment allows you to be insured and complete jobs at a lower monthly cost than buying new lifts.

Convinced buying pre-owed aerial lifts is right for you? Hy-Brid Lifts has a wide selection of used scissor lifts to choose from, including push-around and electric-drive models of varying heights. Our as is and Work Ready programs offer something for everyone, including an 85-point safety inspection and limited parts warranty. Give us a call at 262-644-1300 to discuss your options today!