Why Buy American-Made Products?


Since 1985, December has been designated as Made in America Month, celebrating the variety, quality, and dependability of products manufactured in the United States. At Hy-Brid Lifts, made in the USA is more than just a one-month celebration. We proudly make and assemble all of our scissor lifts in southeastern Wisconsin every day.

So why is American-made so important? The flag decals on the sides of our lifts are neat, but there’s more to the story...


#1: Support Local Jobs

Manufacturing products in the United States creates jobs for American workers. When companies purchase these American-made commodities, they support local communities by creating reliable jobs and career opportunities. At Hy-Brid Lifts, we’re proud of where we’re from. Custom Equipment has operated in southeastern Wisconsin for over 40 years and has become an integral part of that community. We’re honored to give back to community members by continuing to provide a variety of full- and part-time employment options.

#2: Quality Craftsmanship

American-made has become synonymous with increased quality and dependability. Domestic manufacturers are often subject to more rigorous health and safety regulations that ensure product quality and consistency. Mobile elevating work platforms can last for a decade or more so keeping your fleet in good working condition means a better return on your investment. Hy-Brid Lifts is committed to providing heavy-duty, rental-tough equipment. Our very first scissor lift works just as hard today as it did when it was built in 2004 for Lift Works, Inc. Now that’s quality you can rely on.


#3: Shorter Lead Times

Supply chain shortages and increased demand have pushed availability out farther than ever and purchasing products from overseas only extends the wait for new equipment. Scissor lifts built in Asia or Europe must be taken by boat across the ocean and then hauled on a truck for hundreds if not thousands of miles before reaching their destination. The journey is long and presents many opportunities for delays or other issues, preventing you from getting your order on time. By ordering American-made products, you cut out thousands of travel miles and several days off the shipping process. The Hy-Brid Lifts headquarters are centrally located in the United States, allowing us to quickly ship machines anywhere in the country. You’ve waited long enough; skip the hassle of international travel and purchase products manufactured at home.


#4: Reduced Shipping Costs

Shorter distance to travel means lowered shipping costs; it’s that simple. Shipping equipment by sea or air is far more expensive than shipping on the ground, not to mention the thousands of extra miles and times it takes to travel the additional distance. It may seem palatable to take on this extra cost for a one-time expense, but with aerial lift equipment, this may not always be the case. Over a machine’s lifetime, you’ll more than likely need to order replacement parts to keep the lift in good working shape. When ordering from overseas manufacturers, you’ll pay extra every time you order parts, taking another chunk out of your ROI.


#5: More Eco-Friendly

Not only do you benefit the community from buying locally, but you help to save the planet too. The transportation and shipping industries account for 14% of global CO2 emissions each year, and the increase of international trade and overseas manufacturing only causes that figure to rise. Reducing emissions and carbon footprint should be the goal of every business, and Hy-Brid Lifts is no exception. Our facilities operate under strict EPA guidelines to have minimal impact on the environment. We care about the planet and assure you that each Hy-Brid Lifts plant is doing its part to reduce negative implications on the globe.

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