Which 19 ft Scissor Lifts Fit Through Standard Doors?


In 2020, ANSI A92.20 standards were put into effect, identifying several new requirements for scissor and boom lift manufacturers. Notably among these changes is the additional required height on scissor lift rails, increasing overall machine height. The revised standard is only a few inches higher, but the impact it has had on the market is substantial. Larger scissor lifts, those with platform heights 20 ft and above, were already unable to fit through a standard doorway, but now many 19 ft lifts are also facing the same predicament.

Standard doorways measure 80 in tall and 32 in wide. On indoor jobsites, lift equipment frequently needs to move between rooms and floors, making passage through doorways and into personnel elevators crucial. However, many lifts now stand taller than 80 in, and some are even wider than 32 in. The table below shows 19 ft lifts from several leading manufacturers along with the lifts’ stowed height and overall width after the standard change.

Only models with a “NO” in both of the final columns are able to fit through a standard single door without modification. If the lift is too tall, it will require folding rails to get under the doorframe. If it is wider than 32 in, it will need to enter through a double door to avoid damaging the frame.

Model Brand Max Platform Height Machine Height Machine Width Folding Rails Double Door
1930SE Sinoboom 19 ft 84 in 31 in YES NO
1931 AC Haulotte 19 ft 78 in 31 in NO NO
1932ME Sinoboom 19 ft 84 in 32 in YES YES
AE1932 JLG 19 ft 83 in 32 in YES YES
ES1932 JLG 19 ft 83 in 32 in YES YES
GS-1930 Genie 19 ft 85 in 30 in YES NO
GS-1932 Genie 19 ft 85 in 32 in YES YES
Micro19 MEC 19 ft 79 in 32 in NO YES
PS-1930 Hy-Brid Lifts 19 ft 74 in 30 in NO NO
S3019E Snorkel 19 ft 69 in 30.5 in NO NO
S3219E Snorkel 19 ft 83 in 32 in YES YES
SJ3219 Skyjack 19 ft 84 in 32 in YES YES


Don't Return to the Fold

Many manufacturers resorted to putting fold-down rails on their 19 ft lifts to stay A92.20 compliant and fit through doorways. As a result, these lifts with folding rails will fit through a door, but the process is tedious and time-consuming. Folding down the rails and bringing them back up can take as long as 10 minutes per door. Companies advertise how quickly their rails can be folded, but they can never be as fast as the zero seconds it takes on the PS-1930 or any other lift without folding rails.

Machines being too wide to fit through a single door is another cause of concern as  there is no modification to get these lifts through such a tight area. Only four of the lifts studied can fit through a single door, and of those four only three—the Haulotte 1931 AC, Snorkel’s S3019E, and our PS-1930—can fit both under and through a standard single door. All Hy-Brid Lifts can fit through standard doors and into personnel elevators, allowing for easy movement and virtually unlimited jobsite access. Don’t believe us? Check out this video and see just how easy jobsite navigation can be.


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