4 Reasons Why Scissor Lifts Need LeakGuard™ Protection


Jobsite requirements and environmental regulations are becoming stricter by the day. However, the majority of aerial work platforms still rely on hydraulics to elevate workers and materials. Taking the necessary steps to prevent scissor lift oil leaks is crucial to maintaining the integrity of finished flooring and the environment. Keep reading to learn why the Hy-Brid Lifts LeakGuard™ Fluid Containment System is the best scissor lift floor protection option.

1. Finished Flooring is Expensive

It’s a given that contractors prefer projects coming in on-time and under-budget. Improperly equipped scissor lifts that spring a leak can put a damper on both of those metrics. Using equipment that has a leak protection system is critical to protecting sensitive floors like hardwood, tile, carpet, and clean jobsites, such as data centers or hospitals. Leaks that aren’t contained and drip onto finished flooring cause stains that are costly to repair, especially if they could be avoided in the first place. The Hy-Brid Lifts LeakGuard™ system is designed to contain 110% of a scissor lift’s hydraulic fluid so operators can safely manage potential leaks with confidence. That’s right, all the machine’s oil and then some.

Scissor Lift FLoor Protection

2. Nobody Likes a Full Diaper

Diapers are the original scissor lift leak containment solution, and it shows. As technology evolved and lifts became more modern, these messy containment methods haven’t changed. They’re expensive, they fill up fast, and they don’t hold all of the oil they need to. Lift diapers also interfere with lower controls, pothole bars, and the static strap, making them difficult to install and nearly impossible to replace without spilling when the magnets come off and the full pad drops down. This results in additional clean up costs, potential rework, and lost productivity, all figures that can set a project back by weeks.


Unlike scissor lift diapers, the LeakGuard™ Fluid Containment System is essentially leakproof. This is because it’s built internally with one easily accessible tray that prevents spills while protecting internal parts, enabling crews to work harder, longer.

3. Tight Budgets Are...Tight

The obvious way to permanently eliminate leaks and the potential for them is to use all-electric scissor lifts. While there are a few models on the market, their price is often twice the cost of a regular scissor lift. It’d be difficult for a rental house to justify spending the additional money if the end-user customers aren’t willing to pay the higher rental rate that’d be necessary to produce the ROI that’s expected. LeakGuard™ is a cost-friendly leak protection solution between traditional scissor lifts and fully electric models that make the most of your budget while getting operators to the working height they need.

4. Lift Like a Pro

All Hy-Brid Lifts Pro Series work platforms are LeakGuard™ ready to maximize your day. We took these scissor lifts a step further by electrifying drive and steer functions for fewer potential leak points, only using hydraulics for platform elevation. Choose from working heights up to 25 ft and lifting capacities up to 800 lbs, all while maintaining the lowest floor load pressures in the industry. Hy-Brid Lifts Pro Series scissor lifts even include intuitive load sensing to prevent the platform from being overloaded and compact designs that don’t require folding rails to boost worker efficiency.


Need more reasons to make the switch to LeakGuard™? Contact a Hy-Brid Lifts representative at 262-297-5197 with any questions you may have.

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