The HB-1430 vs. Standard 19 Ft Scissor Lifts

While standard 19 ft scissor lifts may be the go-to piece of equipment for indoor multi story construction, there is equipment that is more ideal for indoor applications.  The HB-1430 by Hy-Brid Lifts has many benefits over 19 ft lifts such as low floor loading pressures, light weight, low step in height and ergonomic design.


The average working height for most indoor construction jobs is below 20 ft

That means a 19 ft scissor lift is overkill for the majority of construction jobs.  Not only is it just too much lift but the added height increases the risk of a crush hazard.


The HB-1430 by Hy-Brid Lifts has a working height of 20ft, reducing the risk of crush hazard.  The compact size also enable the HB-1430 to maneuver the job site in a more efficient way.


Working Height Chart


19 FT Scissor Lift

19 ft scissor lifts are not a light piece of equipment.  Their average weight is about 2700 lbs. This wouldn't be a problem if you're working at ground level but what about multi story construction where there are added regulations for floor load pressures?  That extra weight really starts to be more of a burden.

HB-1430 Scissor Lift

The HB-1430 weighs about 1700 lbs.  That is a 1,000 lb difference.  Hy-Brid Lifts also have the lowest floor loading pressures in the scissor lift industry.  That means you can have more lifts per floor and access green concrete a lot earlier than you could with 19 ft scissor lifts.


19 FT Scissor Lift

The standard 19 ft scissor lift has a platform capacity of about 500 lbs.  If you plan on working with two people over 200 lbs on the platform there is a good chance they won't be able to take up all of the tools and materials they need to work safely.

HB-1430 Scissor Lift

The HB-1430 has a platform capacity of 670 lbs which is more than enough to lift two people plus tools and materials.  That means increased efficiency from not having to make as many trips up and down. And increased productivity from having enough additional capacity to hold extra people, tools and materials.

Ergonomic Design

19 FT Scissor Lift

19 ft scissor lifts are not the best machines for safety, productivity and the worker's overall health and well being.  The step in height on 19 ft lifts is often two steps making it harder to load heavy items such as paint cans.  The high step in height also increases the chances of injury occurring while existing the platform.

HB-1430 Scissor Lift

The HB-1430 has a step in height of 25.3 in making it easier and safer to load, enter and exit.  In addition to a low step in height, the HB-1430 has a full swing gate which provides an easier, less awkward way to enter the platform as opposed to chains or fixed bars.

We've done the math

If you'd like to see more information comparing the HB-1430 to traditional 19 ft scissor lifts click the link below.

HB-1430 Comparison Brochure      HB-1430 PRODUCT Information

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