The HB-1230 vs. Mast Style Lifts


There's no denying that 12 ft mast lifts are compact enough to navigate the narrow spaces often found in multistory construction. However, this small footprint comes with an equally limited workspace. The Hy-Brid Lifts HB-1230 matches mast lifts in overall size but offers a much larger platform for more workers, tools, and materials. Keep reading to discover other features and benefits that make the HB-1230 more efficient, productive, and safer than mast style lifts.

HB-1230 Work Area Comparison


Unlike most mast lifts, the HB-1230 weighs about 1,700 lbs and has a platform capacity of 550 lbs, which is enough for two workers plus tools and materials needed for the task at hand. Combined with the lowest floor load pressures in the scissor lift industry, the HB-1230 is perfectly suited for multistory construction jobs.


The zero-turn radius of the HB-1230 provides smooth and easy navigation in tight areas without damaging finished work. The lift's proportional drive and lift controls offer improved handling over movement and speed. Together, these features work hand-in-hand to provide safer and more accurate maneuverability.

User-Friendly Design

The HB-1230 has a low step-in height with a full swing gate for easy platform entry and exit. This unique setup also reduces operator strain during loading and unloading. Oversized pins minimize platform sway, while built-in tool holders and trays keep tools and materials organized and out of the way until they're ready to be used.

We've Done the Math

Our experts compared the Hy-Brid Lifts HB-1230 with mast style lifts from other manufacturers below. See the Hy-Brid Lifts difference for yourself!

HB-1230 vs. Mast Lifts